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Why Bad dates are good for you

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

A client came wondering why she keeps attracting guys who treat her poorly. She booked her session after a date night where the guy asked she why she thinks she is good enough to

drink bottled water instead of tap (tap water is undrinkable in her area) After giving her the worse date making her feel she is worthless, the guy left her to go home with public transportation telling her she shouldn't spend much on Uber or Lyft, he didn't even offer to give her a ride.

That was the kind of men she's attracting.

This lovely woman had rough childhood growing up in a poor area where she was constantly abused by her own family for just being a woman. Horrible stories she told including physical and sexual assault by her own mother, siblings, and relatives.

She also finds herself performing certain rituals she doesn't understand that normally have the opposite effect (like she'd perform cutting cords ritual, the following day she gets a call from all the people she cut cords with).

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We went into a Past Life Hypnosis therapy session, this woman was burnt on a stick in so many lives that we couldn't even count. Burned, drowned, haunted down caught and killed like an animal. All for her knowing too much, holding the knowledge being a woman.

Because knowledge caused her too much trouble in the past, she decided to minimize and devalue herself in this all mirrors in her dates and family.

As i always say triggers are friends, without that bad date she wouldn't have noticed the repetition of the pattern. If you feel you always find yourself in non-satisfying relationships, then it is time to look inside.

When it comes to healing the traumatic death experiences i opt to Past Life Therapy. The client is very grateful for the work, she hasn't found the one yet, but she sure started experiencing way more enjoyable dates.

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Feb 20, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Interesting perspective to look at it

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