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Can a real illness be a psychosomatic disorders ?

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

After years of being a Hypnotherapist facilitating hundreds of sessions, I still get amazed of the power of the subconscious, and how humans can unconsciously create a serious physical illness out of trauma.

Mary (and that's not her real name) is a young female client whose parents split up when she was 6 year old. They both remarried leaving her at her grandparents' house.

When Mary was getting into adulthood, her mother got divorced and moved back to the grandparents' house to live with her daughter.

Due to the abandonment trauma, Mary suffered so many symptoms such as anxiety, depression, constant fear, and unable to commit to a relationship. However there was a very interesting symptom that caught my attention. Mary's menstrual cycle has stopped 3 years ago (the same year when her mom came to live with her in the grandparents' house).

Gynecologists couldn’t find a physical reason why this was happening and had no solution for the problem, so she was put on medication that produced a fake cycle. That means this young woman will not be able to have children if she wants to.

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In the hypnosis session, I asked her to scan her ovaries; she found them frozen like ice cubes. When we investigated a little Mary ended up in an early memory where her dad was fighting furiously yelling at her mom saying "you are not a good mother, you should have never had children, and your daughter should never have children because they will carry your bad genes". Mary was a toddler when she witnessed that fight.

For a baby, this situation is overwhelming, the nervous system sensed the danger and went into a freeze mode, and Mary's subconscious took the words literally and deactivated her ovaries.

In session, Mary's inner child expressed her feeling that the world is a dangerous place so her ovaries cannot share their production of eggs, pretty sad isn't it? This fear has been intensively reactivated when her mother came to live with her, triggering the unhealed trauma.

By all means, we cannot deny the physical illness, however when there is no medical explanation behind it that raises curiosity.

Through Hypnosis therapy, Mary is taking her steps back to safety, and freeing her child-aspect of the fear. As an adult now she can re-parent herself and provide what was not provided back then.

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Disclaimer: The information in this blog for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. For physical or mental illness please contact your physician or mental health professional at once.

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