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About Me

A Bridge Between Two Realms

I am a Spiritual Hypnotherapist, Author, Business coach, and a competitive rower with enormous passion for life. I thrive when holding the space, showing the way, and bridging between the seen and unseen, while walking my own path. 

I was born in Cairo, Egypt and blessed with my connection to my ancient heritage.   


The journey can seem shaky, scary and high, but i am taking you between these worlds with care and confidence so that you know that you are going to be OK.  

My  Journey 

I live an amazing life of inner peace and connection now that I have been awakened to my purpose and the power within. This is the fruit of my own inner work.


My professional life started with a dream career in corporate finance in USA which i was blessed to achieve after finished up graduate school specialized in Investment Banking. 

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The Shift

After 15 years in the corporate world it was time to wrap up this chapter and create a new wider horizon that is more aligned with my soul.


I chose Bali to be my land of transition, and for few months I enjoyed nature and just BE. While there I was blessed to attend the Vipassana silent retreat that taught me how to create the space inside to connect which was a life changing experience. 

I continued following my passion deepening my knowledge in psychology, I dedicated more time for my creative self through writing and interior design.     


In 2019 I responded to my soul call that guided me to acquire my certificate in Hypnotherapy. Since then I have enriched my practice with internal parts therapeutic technique, schema therapy, CBT, Conversational Hypnosis and many other effective yet gentle healing tools.

Being a corporate manager ingrained discipline, organized thinking, and valuable managerial treats into my character.

After being away from home for many years I soon yearned for a different life and to re-discover my homeland.  


While I continued growing my career in corporate banking, I dedicated big potion of my time to my free-spirited desert community where we would travel to what felt like the edge of the earth, exploring the limits of the physical body through breath-work, free-diving, yoga, theater acting, and other thrilling adventures. During this time I fulfilled my passion toward, hiking, camping, diving, and off-road driving.   

My truth


End of 2019, I joined Nine Psychology Egypt, one of the most prestigious outpatients clinics in town. Working in such environment has provided rich exposure and vast base of knowledge. With hundreds of clients each year, I was able to sharpen my practice developing my own holistic approach that is entirely tailored according to the client's path. 

As a writer and an athlete


I published my first illustrated literature book ‘And another Half for Me’ in 2019, and my novel ‘Akashik’ Came out summer of 2021. As a writer, I am enormously proud that my creative work is manifested.​



As an athlete...


I believe in discipline and hard workRowing is one demanding sport that requires mental and emotional strength, in addition to the physical stamina. 

In 2020, 2021, 2022 my crew and I won The National Championship for Master Rowers. 


In 2020, 2021, 2022 my crew and I won The National Championship for Master Rowers. 

My Therapy Approach

In the session, I open a scared space, use many healing tools, and channel high vibration energy respecting everyone's unique journey. Everything happens in divine time.  

Everyone fully own their power.  

I would love to hear more about your own journey 

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From my heart to yours
Thank you for doing the inner work. It takes courage. You are amazing

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