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When Saying"NO" is So Much Fun

Have you ever been in a situation when you just couldn’t say No?  You felt those familiar cramps in your stomach but you had to go along with it anyway.  If you feel that way more often, then you might be a people pleaser.

People-pleasing, often rooted in the desire to be liked and accepted, can manifest in various symptoms.


Some common signs include:

 Difficulty Saying No: Reluctance or inability to refuse requests, even when overburdened or uncomfortable.

Over-commitment: Taking on too many tasks or responsibilities to please others, leading to stress and burnout.

Avoiding Conflict: Going to great lengths to avoid disagreements or confrontations, often at the expense of one's own needs.

Constant Apologizing: Frequently saying sorry, even when it's not necessary, to avoid displeasing others.

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Need for Approval: Seeking validation and approval from others to feel good about oneself.

Suppressing Personal Desires: Ignoring or downplaying one's own wants and needs to accommodate others.

Low Self-Esteem: Feeling unworthy or not good enough unless receiving positive feedback from others.

Fear of Rejection: Intense fear of being disliked or rejected, leading to behaviors aimed at gaining acceptance.

Being Easily Influenced: Difficulty asserting one's own opinions or preferences, and being easily swayed by others.

Excessive Guilt: Feeling guilty when prioritizing one's own needs or when unable to meet others' expectations.


If you feel you have any of this symptoms, Hypnotherapy and IFS are pretty effective therapeutic tools to help you reaching the best version of yourself. The version that enjoys saying NO with love.

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