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Inner Soul Journey

3 months intensive program to reorganize your inner world and connect to your authentic self.

  • 10 hours
  • Online

Service Description

In this journey I guide you to dive deep reorganizing your inner world so you can move forward toward your dreams. Whether the blockage is hidden in the past, in an out dated belief system, in an ancestral linage, in a form of psychological disorder, or even in another dimension, we find it, we heal it. Rewrite your subconscious programs that don't serve you, and uncover the root cause of your challenges in health, life, love, and career using hypnotherapy, Internal Family Systems, schema Therapy, Nervous System Regulation, and coaching. I support you to develop self-leadership by re-negotiating roles of extreme inner parts that criticize and sabotage your wellness, and teach you how to live and operate from a state of Self leadership; feeling calm, creative, confident, centered, courageous and connected. We touch every aspect of your life, use every trigger. To feel is to heal, so I navigate your mind for difficult memories that trigger or block your system and may have frozen part of you in that traumatic time. I help you release the emotional burden, and integrate that part into the present time. This process rewrites your brain and transforms your perceptions in life, so you can change it. This journey helps you to: Reprogram your mind to achieve your goals; release hidden blocks and stuck emotions; Heal inner child, family or ancestral trauma; Improve your health; well-being & finances; Learn nervous regulation and energy tools Balance work, life and relationships.; develop your intuition and trust yourself; create healthy boundaries and positive mindset; Love yourself and feel more confident. What do you get? - 10 hours of therapy (option to alternate between 2 and 1 hours according to the needs) - Personalized plan that is created according to your goals. - In-between sessions followup. We connect through your personal profile in my website. This is your private space to access your personalized exercises, practices, recommended readings, and you get to share your reflections and journals. - Learn self healing tools to use on your own. This is a transformational journey, and i am honored to be part of it.

Cancellation Policy

All sales are final, in case of cancellation, no refund is applicable. Rescheduling is based on availability.

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