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A call for practitioners 

I am so thrilled to start this journey with you, buckle up, this is going to be intense, comprehensive and fun.

Quantum Leap Your Clients

All about the client..

  • Are you ready to take your clients to the next level, and deliver transformational sessions in shorter duration?

  • Do you feel you'd like to empower your clients with sustainable tools to assist them throughout

  • Do you see clients who are deeply traumatized and want to deepen your knowledge and gain

  •  Would you like bring your practice to integrate both trauma healing and spirituality, and walk your clients from the freeze mode to infinite expansion?

and healing for you too..

And most of all are you ready to go through this growth journey yourself? 

If yes, you are in the right space.

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walking together

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time to get creative

But why?

Hypnosis is an extremely powerful modality, however it gets challenging when the client:

  • Is not comfortable with closing their eyes during a session. 

  • Do not have access to their feelings.

  • In a shut down state due to trauma.

  • Has a mindset that might be limiting to the healing process

  • Too much in their head 

  • Disconnected from their body.


Embracing the uniqueness 

One size doesn't fit all

As a hypnotherapist working in an outpatient clinic, I see every year hundreds of clients carrying with very deep traumas.

Structured models and rigid protocols only go so far. I needed a gentle integrative, and transformative tactics to match the complexity of the human psyche, yet flexible to respect client's individuality.  


Embrace uniqueness 

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Embody the Healing 

Empower your clients

By gifting them effective easy to use tools to explore their own psyche after sessions. That will  build mental and emotional stamina and decrease dependency on therapy 

You are first 

This is a not just a training for techniques, It is also a healing for the practitioners as well. 

As practitioners we are dealing with our own doubtful, fearful, limiting, skeptical, guilty, wanting to escape, impatience, lack of confidence, over thinking parts as well.


​Integrating our own parts creates more space for the client to heal. 

Create Space

Fragile Pampas

Never get stuck in a session 

Never doubt yourself

Become the Healing 

what does it include?

Module 1

It is right in your backyard 

Internal Family system and Parts Therapy

Exploring your own system

Connecting to the Parts

Permission to work with the Exile

Blended Parts


Couple Therapy using Parts

Schema Therapy, Maladaptive beliefs and limiting mind-set.

Employing Parts to achieve efficient parenting

Module 2

What to do when your client in a shut down state

Nervous System Regulation and Somatic exercises

Module 3

Reach healing hypnotic state through regular conversation

Conversational Hypnosis Therapy

From my heart to yours
Thank you for doing the inner work. It takes courage. You are amazing

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