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Entities, ghosts, attachments..and everything in between

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

It has been a while since an entity screamed and cursed me in session. but first what's an entity what do they want? and can they harm us? well, this story might help shed some light.

My client has dysfunctional relationship with her mother, where the mom used to brutally hit her, and it didn't stop at that. At the age of 17 the mother pulled a knife on her trying to kill her.

It's been an intense session where we healed couple of past lives before finding an entity in the stomach.

The entity causes extreme anger and fear, not to mention stomach pain to my client.

The entity introduced herself as the "mother", but wait a minute, that cannot be, because the mother is still alive, and entities are stuck souls that already passed away. could it be a thought-form?

With more investigation the entity lead us to a life where she and the client were workers in a brothel and the client (the daughter in that life) stabbed her with a knife.

The entity's last thought was "i promise to take revenge", a vow she took and carried to this life, where she came as a mother to my client trying to revenge being murdered in a totally different life.

The entity was screaming, cursing, and in so much anger. As a hypnotherapist, i am the therapist for those energetic beings as well who are stuck in a traumatic experience in a different timeline. After all. this is a journey of healing and forgiveness for the client and any non-physical entity that appear in session as well. Using Past Life Therapy techniques the entity ended up peacefully in the light respecting the client's free well.

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Before session my client was telling me how she feels she deserves to be punished for something she never knew what was it. I guess after this session she knew where the guilt came from.

As you can see, entities and attachments are lost souls who get stuck in a different timeline in a traumatic experience, they could have unfinished business or karma to balance with the client, or they simply resonate to the client's energy so they get attached to them. In hypnosis sessions, we are able to help the entity to move on and reconnect to source, as well as free the client's energetic field for whatever doesn't belong to it.

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Feb 20, 2023
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