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Shahira Galal

Hypnosis Therapy, 
Spiritual Business Coaching
& Integrative Healing
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Know Yourself

Hypnosis for Spiritual Souls

Let go of emotions and
patterns that no longer serve you. 

Hypnosis Therapy & Spiritual Coaching for the souls that on the journey of self-discovery.  Those who are ready to let go of what slowing them down to accelerate their spiritual path.


I help you connect with your subconscious mind and your divine wisdom to heal yourself and live a conscious life.

Does this sound familiar?

You feel like you don’t belong. You have crippling anxiety and depression.  You feel stuck in your life, can't seem to attract a healthy relation, and often lash out in anger at those around you.  You are constantly triggered by situations and people all around, you feeling out of control and overwhelmed. 


Sometimes these things pop up as unexplained physical symptoms and sometimes they seem like they’ve always been there, like a deep mistrust of the world or chronically low self-esteem and self-worth.


During your Hypnosis healing journey, we can address these and more.  We dive beyond the conscious mind to where these issues came from in order to get you the clarity you need. 

Listening to Music

My Services

Hypnosis Therapy Healing Journeys

I offer a blend of hypnotherapy, Parts Therapy, mentoring and other healing modalities for precisely what you need to heal your life. 


All services are virtual, available anywhere in the world. 

And most of all are you ready to go through this growth journey yourself? 

If yes, you are in the right space.

In the session, we will walk you through the wobbly bridge to awakening, by healing and retrieving internal parts that have been wounded, whether in this life or in any other timeline.

You will be guided to gently tap into your inner world, reaching out to your wounded parts, healing them, and retrieving them back to the soul. In this process, we visit timelines that hold old traumas, be it in childhood, past lives or parallel dimensions.

You will be shielded in a high vibrational space where you will feel safe enough to be yourself, shedding the old ways, and making space for a new reality that matches who you are now.

About Me

Shahira Galal

Introspective Hypnosis Practitioner   
Internal Parts Practitioner 
Past Life Therapy Practitioner
Integrative mentor
Intuitive guide

After years in the corporate world where I was not fully allowing myself to flourish, I was met with a health emergency that changed my life and brought me on my healing journey.  


This started my path towards becoming a hypnotherapist which I now know to be my purpose in this world.  

I bridge the seen and unseen worlds using my skills and gifts, guiding my clients through the process.

Preparing for your Session

Guidance to set yourself up for success in your Hypnotherapy with me.  

Focused Mind

Meet my teachers 

Alba Weinman photo

An amazing top notch Hypnotherapist, she changed thousands of people lives in her sessions. check out her amazing Youtube channels.   

  • Alba Weinman
Antonio Sangio photo

A world class hypnotist and hypnosis teacher. get to know him through his fantastic sessions through his YouTube channel.  

  • Antonio Sangio
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From my heart to yours
Thank you for doing the inner work. It takes courage. You are amazing

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