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Can you be hypnotized during a regular conversation?

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Do you know that you get in a hypnotic state many times during the day?

Every time you lose yourself watching TV, reading a capturing book, or driving your car getting lost in your thoughts, those are all hypnotic state.

The question is if we can reach a hypnotic state during a daily activity, is it possible to reach those unseen areas in the subconscious that hold limiting core beliefs and negative schema that might cause anxiety, depression or life limitation in general.

I have been experimenting with reaching hypnotic state during a regular conversation to reach that subconscious reprogramming.

Here is a session example:

My client who is a high executive in his field just learn that his organisation will hire a boss above him which triggered a major anxiety episode, his body shock and his voice trembled when talked about this possibility of having a boss.

The client was mad, angry and extremely stressed, he went on and on explaining how this organizational structure makes no sense neither from practical nor managerial level. all his defense mechanisms were up so i decided it is better to do this conversation on a subconscious level to reach the necessary healing.

Train with me

Me: how did it feel for you?

Client: i feel humiliated, insulted, like everyone in the organisation is laughing at me saying look at him..he's so bad at the job they had to hire him a boss to tell him what to do.

(Note that my client is a worldwide expert in what he does)

Me: yes...that hurts...pause....Tell me what hurts the most?

Client: that they would say i am bad at what i do.

Me nodding repeating slowly: they will say you are bad at what you do?

Client confused: others...i am a

Join our group hypnosis circle

Client enters a hypnotic state...

Client: I only see my wife's face...i will be a disappointment for my wife...

Me repeating : you gonna be disappointment for your wife...pause...and what happens when you are a disappointment to your wife?

Client totally in a hypnotic state: she...she..she will take her love away...she will stop loving me....she is the only one who loved mother didn't love me...why my mother didn't love me...i must have been bad. (Notice how he used "being bad" previously in the job issue)

Learn Conversational Hypnosis

Realization moment of what was that really his response to the job situation is actually a reflection of a childhood trauma.

Client realized what he just said..

Me: how about you? Do you love yourself?

Client hesitate: no...i don't.

The conversation continues focusing on self love to do the healing after realizing the core source of anxiety which is lack of self love.

Note there's no induction and client's sitting eyes open all session. learn conversational hypnosis

It is amazing the power of hypnosis and how we can get to the real issue once the conscious mind is being neutralized.

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