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Past life and trauma

I met Karen at a down point of her life; she was unemployed for quiet sometimes, depressed, had obsessive dark thoughts and in a hostile relationship with her parents and most of her friends. Her anxiety was hitting the roof.

She left a fancy professional job after a harassment incident by her boss. And that was not the first episode of that sort in her life; she has been a victim of many predators including her own brother.

She mentioned she has been in therapy all of her adult life, tried almost every healing modality out there since she went through a traumatizing rape as a teen.

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When we finally established a rapport to discuss the rape, she volunteered to describe in details everything that happened that night, and how she was beaten and violated until she was able to escape her attacker.

When she made it home in such a horrifying state, her mother blamed her for it "You deserve it, what are you thinking coming home that late" the mother said.

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At this point, Karen broke down in hysterical tears. Sounds like her mom's words wounded her way more than a traumatizing rape. She went on talking about her mother, how she was cruel all of her life, criticizing every move Karen takes.

She paused for few long seconds before she mumbled "She tried to kill me, literally, she tried to strangle me" she said it while gazing in the unknown as if she is seeing it still happening in another dimension.

Karen's session was not an easy ride. I decided to guide her to heal that intense relationship but first we need to discover the root of it, and boy that root was hidden far away, in another time line.

In that time line, Karen saw herself in a brothel where she worked with a colleague of hers. They were competing who gets more clients, Karen was the prettier which allowed her to make more money, her colleague got jealous and picked a fest fight with Karen with an intention to hurt her in the face so nobody would desire her. Train with Shahira.

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A few minutes into the fight, things got out of hand and Karen found herself holding a knife, stabbing that colleague of hers.

"I will follow you everywhere and get revenge" those were the last words of this woman in that life.

This woman is Karen's mother in her current life.

According to Past Life Therapy taught by Dr. Jose Luis Cabouli, from a soul perspective time doesn’t exist, life happens simultaneously in my timelines and dimensions at the same time. The vow of taking revenge is carried throughout those timelines making once an angry colleague now a mother showing a non-compassionate behavior toward her daughter. This whole scene explained the tension between Karen and her mother, a relation that lakes kindness and contains massive anger.

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Whether your belief system expands to include enigmatic concepts such as past life or not, what really matters are the healing results. Read about me

I met Karen many times afterward; she was calmer and kinder with way less anxiety. She began her journey with an open heart toward forgiving her mother for years of abuse. A step she was never ready for before that hypnotherapy session.

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The information in this blog for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. For physical or mental illness please contact your physician or mental health professional at once.

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