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Why some people cannot be hypnotized?

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

To answer this question let's go back to the basics.According to the father of psychoanalysis Carl Jung, just like the human body contains organs that we cannot see, the anatomy of the human psyche includes visible and invisible parts.

The conscious part of the psyche is responsible for executing daily life tasks, while the subconscious is the home for the core beliefs, values, and the connection to self and the universe.

That means everyone has hidden big portion in their psyche as part of being a human being. Those hidden parts hold the roots of one's behavior as we see it.

Hypnosis is the safe modality that takes a person to an altered state of consciousness to dive into this invisible part of that iceberg, looking for the origins of the undesired behaviors. Hence update an old belief system that might have been formulated at a very young age, causing life limitations in adulthood.

But wait, if it is that easy, why some people claim that they cannot be hypnotized? Well, growing up in an environment that discouraged being vulnerable, sensitive, in touch with feelings, while being in control and alert is praised, could be a reason,

These controlling parts stay active in adulthood and limit a person to go in an altered state of consciousness, when they feel they might be out of control.

Train with me

As a hypnotherapist, in my practice, I have tremendous compassion toward those controlling parts. Most of the time, they have protected my client from overwhelming pain as a child. They are just doing their job.

Dealing with the controlling defense mechanism takes a bit of patience using different powerful therapeutical tools along with hypnotherapy. Befriending those defense mechanisms allows the client to process the suppressed feeling and release the emotional pain.

As soon as the protectors feel safe, one can enjoy a healing hypnosis state. When this happens, the "un-hypnotizable" client could easily slip in a deep dive into their subconscious.

Explore your own parts

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09. Aug. 2023
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Shahira is a Very Strong and Sweet Practitioner with her roots deeply planted in Ancient Mystery Schools. Once lived among many Ascended Masters she continues her journey of sharing this powerful knowledge to the rest of the world through her amazing talents. Much Love Brenda Bejot

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